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 Moving Places Move Management
176 Sylvan Dr.
Valparaiso, In 46385


Senior Move Management
Our Certified Senior Move Managers are with you from pre- planning through sign-off. We handle all your downsizing needs from space planning, packing, transfer of services, unpacking, hanging artwork, setting up your new home and much more. All completed by dinner time on move day.

Residential Move Management 
From day one our friendly staff will make sure you receive the level of attention, time, and consideration required for a smooth transition. If coming from a distance our pre-planning involves preparation on both ends.

Corporate Move Management 
Check out our corporate Website at www.Placesllc.com 


Estate Liquidation Services


  • Out of time?

  • Need everything emptied and left in broom swept condition?

  • We ship legacy items. 

  • We've got the right teams for you.

Estate Sales

  • Not only is there nothing left behind except the memories, we will generate some $$$'s for you.


  • Itemized inventory and accurate documentation

Time for a little fun and make this move exciting. Color for the aging eye, window treatments to delight, and working with your own items in a new way ...let's make this right!!