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Dear Moving Places,

After almost 3 months in my new “digs” I still get up in the morning feeing grateful to you for moving me." “Equally important you dealt with what was left behind well before the new home owner took possession. At all times you consulted with me. Contacted and coordinated all parties involved….”
“My daughters join me in thanking you Moving Places Move Management for your fine professional services.”

Richard Brauer
Brauer Museum at Valparaiso University

“You will always be so special to us both—
Sanity and stability in a long period of psychological and physical upheaval. Thank you for all you do!"

Warmly, Jan
Dr. Jeanette McVicker
Professor New York State University 

“Recent life style change brought me in touch with Moving Places. The design of furniture and accessory layouts and they handled purchases as needed. They followed a plan meticulously, stipulating a move date in my case 12 days. They are professional, capable, talented and have a strong work ethic. On moving day I was shown my comfortable lovely home; everything was in it’s place and with no effort on my part. I attest to a phenomenal job!”

Ann P. Vichuras
Retired Secretary to USS President